(spec work)
Golden Retriever BF Collar

The Tiffany & CO Golden Retriever Boyfriend Collar is a spec campaign that I created with Mason Joiner. She and I both felt this stunt was something that few brands could successfully pull off but that if anyone could, it’d be T&CO. 

AD: Mason Joiner
CW: Me

We designed a few different iterations of the collar that come with different shaped pendants and phrases engraved on them. One of them we even made customizable so that you can put your partner’s name and phone number on it in classic T&CO tradition.

The collection also offers a Spray bottle, so you can keep him cool while he's doing laborious things for you, and a Simp Whistle that emits a frequency only people who are obsessed with you can hear.

In a perfect world we would also partner with the Westminster Dog Show to launch the first ever Tiffany-Minster Boyfriend Show. An international competition where women would bring their agreeable partners to come be evaluated and compete against one another.

 And if that isn’t enough we would also sell IDGAF chocolates that would be left out or gifted to your partner to let them know that they messed up, and you won’t be telling them what they did wrong.