Ever since I was a youth, I've been expressive to a fault.

While this character trait has absolutely gotten me in trouble the past, it's the result of my approaching everything I do with the utmost passion and enthusiasm. And I don't know who I'd be without it.

My name is Tarik Atallah, pronounced like Eric with a T at the beginning. I'm a creative copywriter working out of Brooklyn, New York. When I'm not thinking of synonyms, I'm either running, doing something involving photography, or spending time with friends.

Where I’ve Worked
Freelance Creative, Currently @ Lucky Generals NY.
R/GA NY, CW, March 22 - April 23. 
Laundry Service NY, CW, March 21 - March 22.
Freelance CW @ VCCP, Swift, & more from June 20 - March 21. 

Where I’ve Studied

VCU Brandcenter, 20.  
UCLA, 18.