Ever since I was a youth, I've been expressive to a fault.

While this character trait has absolutely gotten me in trouble the past, it's the result of my approaching everything I do with the utmost passion and enthusiasm. And I don't know who I'd be without it.

My name is Tarik Atallah, pronounced like Eric with a T at the beginning. I'm a creative copywriter working out of Brooklyn, New York. When I'm not thinking of synonyms, I'm either running, doing something involving photography, or spending time with friends.

Freelance Creative, currently @ Coinbase.
R/GA NY, CW, March 22 - April 23. 
Laundry Service NY, CW, March 21 - March 22.
Freelance CW @ VCCP, Swift, & more from June 20 - March 21. 


VCU Brandcenter, 20.  
UCLA, 18.