(spec work)
It Had To Be Heinz

“Some things are eternal.” - Matt Damon

Heinz has always been with us, whether we knew it or not, it just wasn’t until 1870 that it found its way into the physical world. We found artwork that’s been in circulation since well before Heinz Ketchup that shares the same red its famous for.

CW: Me
AD: Mason Joiner

Heinzsight is an exhibit within an exhibit. We found art containing the same red as Heinz Ketchup that was in circulation at galleries and museums in the 4 cities that Henry Heinz frequented for work during his lifetime. Toronto, Chicago, London, New York.

Seeing is Believing is where we’d place chroma glasses
(special glasses that let colorblind people see color) at the entrance of each museum and gallery allowing for a more inclusive experience. 

Ripe Rewards would be where you can scan any red around you, upload it to our microsite, and the closer it is to Heinz Ketchup red the bigger a discount we’ll give on tickets.