(spec work)
Stream For S’Creme

A spec campaign for Spotify that spotlights dairy brands who prioritize animal welfare when sourcing ingredients. 

Because Spotify cares about all of it’s listeners. 


For the longest time Spotify has been missing out on some of its most avid listeners.


  Stream for S’creme would have Spotify install Juke boxes in pastures all across the US for people to play songs for cows to see their reaction via live stream.

The Cow Cam would be for anyone to tune in and watch. 

For every song that you stream for them Spotify would put money towards a Churn and Chill rewards card that could be redeemed with any of the ice cream brands we’d partner with. 

We’d create an Udder Hit 100 playlist composed of songs that the cows like most. 

We would also launch a line of ice cream flavors called Tasty Tunes that’d we’d serve from a pop-up ice cream truck. These would be based off what the cows producing the ingredients listened to. 

At the end of the summer we’ll throw one lucky farm a
Kobe Concert based off their favorite artist.