(spec work)

In the United States, voter turnout tends to be lowest among younger age groups, particularly among those aged 18 to 29. Vote 4 Action is a social spec campaign for Tinder designed to mobilize younger voters.


We’ll encourage people to take a selfie of themselves voting at the polls or with the “I voted” sticker they give you right after. They’d then submit these selfies to Tinder. Once verified, they’d be granted 6 months of Tinder Premium free.

Their Civic Selfie will then be used in our social ads that are constantly refreshing themselves with selfies of people in your area.

We’ll also release our own take on the infamous “I Voted” stickers. Some people think they’re lame because they’re corny and kind of virtue signally. Thankfully our’s will be Virtueless Stickers designed to suggestively let people know the real cause you’re committed to. 

Sadly, in many states it’s still illegal to serve voters water as they wait in line which is why we’ll partner with Poland Springs to release limited edition packages of water bottles we’ll call Polling Springs. Just notify Tinder when you intend to vote and we’ll ship it to you beforehand.

We‘d also release a digital series called Star Crossed Critters featuring an elephant and donkey both learning how to navigate love from opposite ends of the political spectrum.